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Hello from Madeira-Mamore Railway

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Old 31st January 2024, 00:06
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Hello from Madeira-Mamore Railway

Hello from the last station built on the Madeira-Mamoré railway, in the city of Guajara Mirim. The hospital where I was born is just a few meters from the most legendary railway in the Americas, built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, unfortunately the road was completely deactivated in the early 2000s , locomotive 17 is on display a few meters from my house, close to the 1 meter gauge tracks

Since then I've been fascinated by trains, I'm going to study railway engineering so I can soon have a license to operate a locomotive.

Furthermore, I am very grateful to the Americans who venture into these lands and many died trying to build this railroad, they even helped to found a city here, which unfortunately the Brazilian government has neglected for almost 80 years.

I look forward to discussing trains and their engineering details.

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