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Funicular Railways around the World

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Old 20th March 2018, 07:38
RogerFarnworth RogerFarnworth is offline  
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Funicular Railways around the World

I wonder what interest there is in Funicular Railways in this forum? Most of these are narrow gauge railways. In looking for stories about the railways of the Cote d'Azur, I have come across two funicular railways which have been abandoned to the elements. The one in Cannes closed in the 1960s and much of the infrastructure is still in place. The other, in Grasse, disappeared earlier in the last century. There are people hoping to replace both railways.

You can find the story of the old Grasse funicular which linked the PLM Station with the town centre on my blog post below:


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Old 2nd April 2018, 12:22
RogerFarnworth RogerFarnworth is offline  
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Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: Ashton-under-Lyne
Posts: 323
I have just completed a blog about the Funicular which ran between Cannes and Super-Cannes until the mid 1960s. It might be of interest to some people..

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Old 3rd April 2018, 09:16
hereward hereward is online now  
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There are several in England Roger, no doubt you know. I have only seen and been on the one at Bridgnorth, Shropshire; it is near the Severn Valley Railway. It was constructed in the late 19th Century to replace the 200 steps connecting High Town to Low Town. Not the first but the oldest and steepest. It came up for sale a few years ago with a guide price of one million pounds, this also included a café at the top. The people selling were more interested in seeing that the railway would continue in its traditional way than the money. It eventually went for £750,000.
There are several in Naples that I haven’t seen despite going to Naples on a couple of occasions. There is/was one that scaled Vesuvius; the song Funiculi Funicula, was written to mark the opening, and made famous again by Mario Lanza in the 1950’s. This funicula was destroyed in the eruption of 1944; if it was rebuilt I can’t find out.
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Old 6th April 2018, 11:37
StoneRoad's Avatar
StoneRoad StoneRoad is offline  
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Don't forget either the Saltburn Cliff Lift (refurbished / Victorianised Passenger Cars oner winter 2010/11 see: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/312383/album/404859 or the Lynton and Lynmouth - both are "Water Balance" types.
Saluton. mi estas fervojistino, kaj vi?
visit http://www.ipernity.com/doc/312383/album
to see what has been done! Perhaps we can do something for you?

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Old 6th April 2018, 21:54
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TRP TRP is offline  
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We have two here in Hastings - the East Hill Cliff Railway (or East Hill Lift) & the West Hill Cliff Railway (or West Hill Lift). Both were originally water balance systems, but converted to electricity during the 1970s. The East Hill Cliff Railway is the steepest in the UK.

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Old 18th April 2019, 18:23
Rick A Rick A is offline  
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Guanajuato Mexico funicular

There is a small funicular in Guanajuato Mexico ( one hour from San Miguel de Allende) that is used to transport people to the base of a platform where you can get a fantastic view of this unique city. If you're ever there enjoy a great view.

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