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When was this London Underground signalbox demolished?

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Old 7th November 2015, 14:06
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When was this London Underground signalbox demolished?

Can any forum member help me with this rather obscure enquiry please? I have failed to find any information anywhere.

When I was very young my grandmother lived in a basement in Barons Court Road in London. It wasn't a great place for her to live (fortunately she was later able to move to the seaside) but it was a wonderful place for me to watch trains as it backed on to the Underground railway lines. Also I think that house was the only one in the road without metal railings at the back so I was able to sit on the wall beside the railway.

There used to be a great big signalbox between Barons Court and West Kensington, built over the point where the Piccadilly Line goes down into a tunnel and the District Line continues on the surface. I attach a thumbnail image which isn't very good but it's the only one I've got.

It was demolished some time in the 1960s but it would be most helpful if anyone can tell me when please?
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