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Differential Speed Restrictions

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Old 16th February 2018, 09:41
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Thanks for that BW.

John .My Railwayforum Gallery
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Old 18th February 2018, 06:38
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G'day BW,
I have snagged your GERM 8000 pdf.
Sounds like something that you require detergent and gloves to handle.
I will gradually peruse the instructions to glean just how you lot do it differently from us lot.
Here, we now have the TOC (Train Operating Conditions) manual.
This details all operational facets and safeworking systems within the NSW rail network.
I am familiar with the NSW TOC manual.
However, other state systems have slightly different operating conditions and safeworking.
I remember the panic approach to the smog hollow 2000 Olympics.
Three drivers were seconded to Transport House for a week to review the proposed safeworking alterations.
I represented the Freight section.
All three of us were gobsmacked at a couple of the management machinations.
Fearing a shortage of drivers, management proposed hiring some MET drivers from Melbourne Victoria.
I could imagine the chaos had this ploy gone ahead.
Them Mexicans possessing an adapted USRR Speed Signalling system.
Whereas, here in NSW we have Route Controlled signalling system.
Green over Red in Melbourne means Clear Normal Speed.
Green over Red in smog hollow means SLAM the brakes on as the next one will be All On.
Not only signalling can be different between various state systems, but also lineside signs etc.
We also shook our heads at some other whims.
It was also feared that an emu might stall on the 1 in 30 grade around the Olympic balloon loop.
So, management planned to hire a 48 class DL531 950 hp diesel from Freightcorp.
I asked two simple questions; what is the load for a 48'er on a 1 in 30, and what does an 8 car emu weigh ?
Knowing that the average 8 car emu weighs 380 tare tonnes, some weighing much more.
Plus, that a 48'er is only capable of lifting 253 tonnes on a 1 in 30, I suggested that they had better hire an 81 class.
An 81 class JT26C-2ss 3000 hp capable of lifting 745 tonne on a 1 in 30.
Naturally Freightcorp would charge Cityrail much more to hire an 81 class.
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Old 18th February 2018, 13:39
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The people from Victoria are Mexicans/ Those from New South Wales are Cockroaches/
Those from Queensland are Bananabenders; if anyone wants to know.
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