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2023 ends with tragedy

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Old 2nd January 2024, 01:24
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2023 ends with tragedy

An horrific level crossing collision occurred just inside the South Australian border with NSW on New Years eve morning.
The westbound Pacific National train colliding with a truck laden with avocados on the level crossing of the Barrier Highway.
The two train crew were killed, but the truck driver survived.
The location given is Bindarrah, which is the name of a nearby property.
This level crossing being on the section of line between Mingary and Olary.
The train crew being from Port Augusta were working home from Broken Hill.
Yet another of these STUPID parallel highway swerving to cross the railway type.
One must ask why a 75 year old was driving a big rig.
The train being the usual monster with double stacker boxes.
It is a huge mess of piled up boxes and wagons.
I am wondering if our respective rail regulators might consider the positioning of double stackers behind the locos.
A sad way to end 2023.

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Old 12th May 2024, 13:44
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This was truly a horrible smash mate. I bet it cost more money than it would have to put a bridge or tunnel there, although I see that farm roads also cross the tracks at various intervals.
Another thing they can do is make sure an emergency telephone number is displayed on sign boards at all level crossings so that if a vehicle gets stuck on the tracks, the driver can call the number and warn the authorities who in turn will shut down the route. I'm sure this is possible with today's technology.
Hindsight is what you see from the guard's van
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