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DRS class 37

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Old 20th February 2021, 00:42
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DRS class 37

Class 37s are set to remain in traffic with Direct Rail Services for up to five more years, with a core fleet of 13 locomotives to be retained.

The remaining ten examples will be disposed of via competitive tender, in a process that should already have taken place, but which was delayed by COVID-19.

More details.



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Old 20th February 2021, 12:36
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Originally Posted by pre65
....The remaining Class 37s will be disposed of via competitive tender
Oooh my favourite loco.

And there's me with my retirement pot about to pay out.

I can just imagine the look of joy on Lady Wunby's face when I suggest that we have a long/thin/tall extension put on the house.......followed by trouble shortly afterward when she twigs.

So long as she doesn't say something silly like "It's me, or the loco".

I don't take kindly to ultimatums

Keep safe, John
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