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Trainz 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition

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Old 21st March 2011, 07:11
bigtrainzfan bigtrainzfan is offline
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Trainz 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Nice one Auran / N3V Games!

Here is more detail on what you get: http://www.auran.com/auran/store/index.php?p=3&PID=360




Website copy ...
What you get ... (more on website http://www.auran.com/auran/store/index.php?p=3&PID=360)

Beautifully Presented Collector's Edition Metal Case
This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Trainz history. Limited stock available - only 2500 printed!

All New Trainz Simulator 12 - Now with Multiplayer
The all new Trainz Simulator 12 (PC, DVD) featuring fresh locos, routes and online multiplayer!

10th Anniversary Collector's Edition Certificate
This classy certificate displays a running number and proves your lifelong dedication to the greatest Train Simulator ever made.

Keyboard Shortcut Chart
Get the brand new keyboard shortcut chart with all of the Trainz Simulator 12 controls mapped out for Driver and Surveyor. Never again will you have to rifle through pages of a manual to find the key you need!

10th Anniversary Collector's Poster
Beautiful and bold, this limited edition poster shows off the stunning Y6B loco that is the face of Trainz Simulator 12.

Super Speed Access to the Download Station
Every Collector's Edition includes a 30 day First Class Ticket subscription (as well as a 20% discount on a longer purchase).

Huge, expanded manual
Get all of the information you need in this expanded, detailed manual. Over 240 perfectly-bound pages for long life durability.

Ten Golden Ticket Chances!
Don't forget that there will be 10 Trainz Golden Tickets out there - and they can only be found in this special 10th Anniversary Collector's Edtion of Trainz.

Don't miss out! Pre-order now to secure your copy!

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