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fatal collision in Queensland

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Old 17th September 2021, 13:02
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That “deadman” probably came from lorries, up until the early 1970’s articulators had a horizontal lever called a deadman to work the parking brake because they were not air operated. Talking to a man about a deadman, on the building; this was the thing bricklayers/plasterer’s labourers leaned their hods on while loading them up. He said his first job when he left school was trailer mate, he had to operate the deadman to brake the trailer. At that time probably in the 1940’s draw bar trailers had to have a second man braking the trailer by law.
Years ago I saw a coroner’s report of a train driver jamming that safety lever and leaning out of the cab to ogle a female passenger and was in collision with something, he was killed, don’t know what happened to the train.

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