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Old 13th January 2022, 07:52
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As global warming rattles around the globe and NET ZERO 2050 looms, some companies are starting to get activated.
After iron ore mob Roy Hill (I have no idea who they are) in the Pilbara of WA ordered one of the Wabtec FLXdrive BEL things, Rio Tinto have now jumped onboard and ordered four.
These things have 20000 odd lithium iron batteries to produce 4400 hp equivalent.
They have a range of 350 miles.
And can also recharge during the use of dynamic brake.
The 4400 hp can ONLY be produced for between 35 and 40 minutes.
I have no idea of just how long it takes to recharge a unit at an Ebowser.
The units are 3 axle bogies, but are A1A-A1A with only four axles having traction motors.
One does wonder just how successful these dingi will prove.
With much more route mileage than 350 miles, the big iron ore mobs in the Pilbara like Rio Tinto would need to have such things standing being recharged a couple of times during transit.
OH, and we are told that our BHP is coming home.
Giving up playing footsies (FTSE 100) in the UK.
You lot might need to look elsewhere for some corporate tax income.

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