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SSR provide some entertainment

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Old 11th January 2022, 07:54
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SSR provide some entertainment

I had been awaiting some mention about the Ardglen banker prang before thumping out a post.
On 6 jan 2022, a southbound wheatie came to grief while being banked.
Most freighters require banking up the Ardglen bank.
I had copped an image displaying this incident.
The lead banker loco appeared to be running LONG HOOD leading.
Our ATSB mob have just published an incident notification and our OTSI mob will investigate.
I think it was last year when the bank locos ended up on their sides on the Ardglen Bank.
Different locos naturally.
The notification infers that the trio of bankers separated from the wheatie causing the train brakes to apply.
The wheatie ground to a halt and the bankers than ran into the rear.
Well, the wild life will enjoy a feed of spilled grain.

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