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Tesco credits use of rail freight for keeping shelves stocked in supply crisis

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Old 29th October 2021, 08:31
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Ah Syd,
The constant spiel here is to Go Digital and save a tree.
But, like you, I am most reluctant to perform anything financial via the www.
I prefer folding stuff and avoid places that have gone to cashless transactions.
If they want us to use credit cards everywhere, then they can get rid of eftpos and card fees.
But, resisting the digital onslaught is becoming more difficult.
All mobs here still sending paper bills now charge a handling and delivery fee for such.
Digital QR codes and vax certificates proliferating requiring a smart phone to access.
My mobile phone is old and does not connect to the www.
So, I must now carry the plastic QR code card and paper vax certificate to gain entry.
Scribbling on the paper sign in when the venue does not have the QR card reader dingus.
Eventually us old recalcitrant types will be pushing up daisies, and the digital world will be complete.
I am heartened that our capitalist post office have been forced to employ more staff.
Due to the plague, parcel delivery had become very tardy.
We were warned that Xmas pressies may MISS out due to the on going dramas.
Even Santas reindeer could be put into quarantine.
AH, bring back them good ole days when we had Mail Trains with TPO vans rattling around delivering letters etc.
And guards vans could carry "out ofs" (parcels) for delivery to stations en route.
YES, reminding me of The Titfield Thunderbolt. when the guard hurled the parcel onto the platform.
Tinkle tinkle smash as it contained fragile contents.

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