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Scottish aggregate by rail.

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Old 19th October 2021, 12:53
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Scottish aggregate by rail.

Scottish terminal sold to rail ballast aggregates quarry owners.

Multi-sector land and property developer Hargreaves Land has announced the sale of Ravenstruther Rail Terminal, a former coal loading terminal on the West Coast Main Line (WCML), between Carstairs and Motherwell in Scotland. The horseshoe-shaped terminal, adjacent to the town of Lanark in South Lanarkshire, has been sold to the aggregates supplier, Cloburn Quarry Company Limited. The new owners intend to use the facility to serve their customers all over Great Britain, with the potential for overseas export. The quarry site is one of the UK’s best-known sources of granite railway ballast.

The outright purchase of the rail terminal follows the leasehold deal announced between the two parties in early 2020. Cloburn became the site’s tenant as part of its plans to commence distribution via rail to service its customers throughout the UK and Europe. The site’s future has been secured as Cloburn looks to invest in its operations to meet the demand for red granite aggregate products extracted from the nearby quarry.

Full details - follow this link.



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