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Inland freight project - Australia.

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Old 7th September 2021, 14:49
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Inland freight project - Australia.

Work is underway on a project that has been the talk of Australia since the nineteenth century. Inland Rail is a 1700-kilometre project to provide a freight corridor between Brisbane in the north and Melbourne in the south. The added capacity will transform freight handling Down Under, but the project has been dogged with controversy and opposition.

Inland Rail will provide a consistent standard gauge connection from Melbourne to Brisbane as well as a dual gauge connection in Queensland to allow seamless connectivity with Queensland’s narrow-gauge network. The project backers say shifting more goods from road onto rail is the right move for Australia.

Full article.-----


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Old 8th September 2021, 08:28
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G'day Philip,
Yes, the project continues though has been hamstrung a bit by our current plague lockdowns.
Not much of the rail line will be totally newbie.
Much of it is an upgrade of existing lines, and will continue to be single track.
One facet that does concern me is the use of 80 kph turnouts at crossing loops.
We have already squizzed some gone bush capers where freight trains have over run the limit of authority and gone out through the jack points.
Our freight train crews today being have bag will travel.
Amusingly, there is a newbie docco on our SBS TV channel to commence this sunday.
Virtually our copy of your Paddington Station series.
Ours will feature Sydney Central station in smog hollow.
This will most likely be as BOOOOOORING as were the episodes featuring our Silver Streak and Ghan.
They should resurrect some of the characters from the good ole days.
Now that would make for an entertaining TV show.
Stories that; IF the Public ONLY Knew.
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