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Dying for a wee - literally

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Old 31st October 2022, 15:28
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Dying for a wee - literally

This one is close to my heart as I have a tiny bladder and hated working Class 313s which have no onboard toilets. When working on the Northern City Line we had a 6 minute turnround time at Moorgate - in which to shut down the cab, change the roller blind, lock the cab, walk the the length of the busy platform, unlock the cab, set the radio, set up the desk, and set the roller blind. Then depart. No chance of a 'comfort break' there.

When my depot lost the Moorgate work we had a splendid celebration dinner and everyone was very happy.

Sadly though, the following tale is not a happy one.

Originally Posted by ASLEF journal, November 2022

Driver died because he had no toilet
...on Tuesday 1st February a driver was killed when he stepped down from his cab to relieve himself.

The RAIB's initial report report reads."At around 20:33 hrs a train travelling at approximately 33mph passed a stationary train that was waiting in a siding 300 metres to the west of Worthing station. As it did so it struck and fatally injured the driver of the stationary train, who had previously exited the train's cab and descended to track level. The train was timetabled to wait here for a short time before returning to West Worthing station and forming the next service to Brighton. Train drivers should not normally need to leave their trains as part of their duties while waiting in this siding"

The subsequent result of the RAIB investigation have not yet been published but there have long been concerns that the 313 stock has no toilet and the timetable does not allow drivers enough time to use a toilet between services.

'There had been previous complaints regarding drivers discarding bottles of urine onto the track at West Worthing and threats of disciplinary action for those caught doing so' says Simon Weller.' We believe the driver who was hit had gone down to track level in the dark to urinate.'

The ORR has separately issued a damning Improvement Notice to to the operator, GTR Thameslink. 'They have failed to provide adequate facilities and arrangements. This includes toilets and adequate time to access them.'
So there you go, not all aspects of train driving are good.

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Old 2nd November 2022, 18:58
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This lack of comfort facilities for drivers, instead of using a pop bottle, could be addressed the same way deep sea divers are able to relieve themselves while working underwater wearing dry suits. Just needs a catheter and disposable collection bag with a sheath. Even the female drivers could use this method with a "Shee Wee" instead of a sheath.
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Old 3rd November 2022, 07:37
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Fighter pilots have a similar thing.
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Old 9th November 2022, 08:37
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Cooee BW,
A sad occurrence.
Our ATSB are investigating a fatality on a freight loco, possibly attributed to the need to go.
Most locos here do possess a dunny, as in the case of the incident.
While there are some emu squirts rattling around smog hollow that possess dunnies, these are locked off in commuter service.
These emu sets are designed for interurban work outside of the smog hollow metrop region, and require a dunny.
Smog hollow squirt drivers have the ability to request toilet relief.
But, this naturally must occur at a station where a relief driver is available.
One such being the Quay Circle, 14 minutes running time from Central around the underground back to Central.
This occurred mostly with Bankstown circles, where the crew performed one and a half to two Banka circles.
But, also with Liverpool services.
This no longer occurs due to the mongrel driverless Metro usurping heavy rail on the southern part of the circle.
The shift rostering also provides a couple of short rest periods in addition to the crib (meal break) 20 minutes.
These rest periods being arranged at major stations with crew facilities.
I would imagine that if an interurban suddenly screeched to a stop and the driver sprinted to the dunny, the cattle would not be impressed.
Probably the longest urban run would be the Bathurst Bullets, being a 3 hours 45 minutes run.
There being only the singly dunny for the two car dmu, there is usually a cattle queue.
So, a driver caught short would be awkward.
It is verboten here for any train crew to climb down from the cab while in traffic, unless during an emergency.
The driverless metro is obviously the solution to all such problems, NO CREW, NO toilet requirements.
Gone are the days of smog hollow cattle performing the golden shower out the squirt doors.
And, Mums holding nippers up to the squirt windows to spray a golden shower.
You had to quickly slam shut your window if perched behind such a caper.
Smog hollow squirt announcements now advise any cattle feeling ill or the urge to go to alight at the next station.
Back in the Good le Days, we would pull a freighter up on a station to sprint to the dunny if necessary.
But, there are far fewer rural stations now days, with everyone driving cars.
You definitely had to pull up within the smog hollow outer and inner Metrop if you had Pommy butter boxes.
NO dunnies on them, just the kit bucket in the machinery room.
Down in Van Diemens Land, none of the locos had dunnies.
You had to stop and sprint behind a bush.
So, attend to business before departure and climbing onto the footplate.
And, lets face it, there were no dunnies on soot belchers, just the shovel.
As to the recent fatality, information is vague.
The crew being one of the fly by night contract hire mobs.
The older bloke exited the cab, presumably to go to the dunny and did not return.
The younger bloke eventually stopped to the train to go investigate.
He discovering the older bloke karked it in the loco vestibule.
Our poor ATSB bods are flat out investigating prangs, so who knows when this report will be published.
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