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Liverpool Street runaway.

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Old 28th October 2022, 12:27
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Liverpool Street runaway.

An engineering train working on Londonís Liverpool Street terminus was involved in a runaway incident early in October. The safety watchdog, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, has been alarmed by the incident. Initial reports say it could have been much worse than the rolling stop before the end of the possession markers.

Full article here :-


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Old 30th October 2022, 22:14
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Does such a train have a driver or competent person who should be at the controls? I know that in aviation, for instance when a plane is being towed, there must be a competent person at the controls to apply the brakes should something go wrong. Of course, if the plane is taxiing under its own power there would have to be a competent person at the controls without question.
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