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Yucatán horse trams

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Old 14th December 2022, 16:03
Cimarails Cimarails is offline
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Yucatán horse trams

Hi group, I just joined hoping to find more info about horse trams in Yucatan state, Mexico. I'm a freelance journalist working on a story (hopefully several) about the Tren Maya and its proposed impacts on the local economies of that region. I have a railroad background, and while researching this project, I unexpectedly fell in love with the horse trams of that area.

First, I wonder if there is an online forum that would be a better fit for this topic?
Second, does anyone know the disposition of the photo collection of Earl W Clark, who documented these lines in the 1960s?
Third, Does anyone have any historical info or photos about the lines specifically in the Chunkanán - Cuzuma area?

Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions or info. Just as a note, I spent a month down in that area recently, so I have a passable idea of the current situation, but am looking to flesh out my understanding of the history of how these public lines were used on a regular basis.

Ole Bye
Hesperus, CO

PS - for anyone unfamiliar with these lines, here's a great intro.

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