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The amazing Chur to Arosa line

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Old 29th October 2022, 08:52
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The amazing Chur to Arosa line Switzerland 1800m

Hi Guys


I was recently in Arosa Switzerland and I managed to get this amazing video of the Chur - Arosa line snaking up the mountain. Most of the line contains many civil engineering structures, including a total of 41 bridges,[2] 19 tunnels, and 12 avalanche-protection galleries. The largest structures are the Langwieser Viaduct, the Gründjitobel Viaduct—both in the territory of the former municipality of Langwies—and the Castielertobel Viaduct between Calfreisen and Castiel. The longest tunnel is the 399 m-long Lüener Rüfe tunnel.

Over its whole length, the line climbs a total of 1155 vertical meters and crosses the Plessur once and the Schanfiggerstrasse (Schanfigg road) three times. The five intermediate stations of Lüen-Castiel, St. Peter-Molinis, Peist, Langwies and Litzirüti are served before the line reaches the terminus of Arosa on the Obersee (upper lake), 25.681 km from Chur. There are two additional crossing loops at Untersax and Haspelgrube.

I also managed to get video footage of the viaduct.





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Old 4th November 2022, 19:20
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Welcome to the forum William, I've spent many hours watching both narrow and standard gauge traffic near Chur while working at EMS Chemie factory in Domat.
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