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TV Alert for tonight: Wed 06/06/2018

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Old 6th June 2018, 17:23
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Lightbulb TV Alert for tonight: Wed 06/06/2018

Hi all, just spotted this.

Name: Great rail restorations with Peter Snow
Date: Wednesday 06/06/2018
Time: 20:00
Chan: Channel 4

Synopsis: (1 of 4) "Peter Snow and Henry Cole (of 'Shed and Buried' fame) oversee restorations of classic railway carriages. While Peter observes the ups and downs of each project, Henry explores what it was like to be a passenger during different eras of rail travel. The first episode comes from the Vale of Llangollen in north Wales, where a team tries to salvage a carriage from 1912."

NB: if you miss this, it is repeated tomorrow at 20:00 on 4Seven

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Old 6th June 2018, 18:53
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Many thanks Beeyar.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
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Old 6th June 2018, 21:18
bramleyman bramleyman is offline  
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Thank you very much for the up on this. I have recorded it and will watch it asap after caught up with some other programmes.
I wouldn't say I am old, but when I was a youngster, the Dead Sea was still alive.
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carriage, documentary, henry cole, peter snow, restoration

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