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WOOLWICH (London) Model Rail Show 10th Dec

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Old 17th November 2023, 10:14
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WOOLWICH (London) Model Rail Show 10th Dec

I am exhibiting at this show and also filming the show and interviewing some of the layout operators

TFL and national rail staff get discount entry tickets if pre booked

First show for following exhibition layouts:

Brief Encounter, a 9ft Monochrome (B&W) layout and airfield set around the famous film with trams and trains
Loco Graveyard - away from the exhibition circuit for 10 years, now updated and DCC and extended to 20ft from 9ft by Steve Rogers

More layouts and traders being added all the time

Model Railway Signs & The Shooters Hill Players Drama Club jointly present:


Event Date: Sun 10th December 2023

Address: Shrewsbury House, Bushmoor Crescent, Shooters Hill, Woolwich, Greater London, SE18 3EG

Entrance Fees: Adult-7.00, Concessions-, Child-5.00, Family-15.00

Held at a stunning large house with interesting WW2 bunkers. Real ale bar on site and cafe.

Discounted tickets for TFL/London Underground and rail staff (Passes must be shown on entry and pre-booked)

Free on street parking around venue and onsite cafe and real ale bar, so leave the car at home!
Bus 244 from Woolwich DLR, BR and Elizabeth Line and 5 mins walk from Eaglesfield Road bus stop
Bus 486 from North Greenwich tube and 5 mins walk from top of Shooters Hill
Bus 89 or 486 from Bexleyheath, Welling, Charlton, Lewisham and Blackheath to top of Shooters Hill

Please note 1/3rd of show is in upstairs rooms with no wheelchair access hence why reduced rate for wheelchair users. (book online) There is full access to the bar and cafe

Pre book tickets at www.modelrailwaysigns.com

Brief Encounter 00 Monochrome 1940s FIRST SHOW
Loco Graveyard 00 FIRST SHOW
Ballyconnell Road Irish 15mm
Quarry Falls N
Rail Road Crossing HO American
Dournreay British 1.87
Weymouth to Ipswich Hornby third Rail OO
Taymar Bridge TT gauge
Japan in Bloom N
Waledale N
Kitsburg 009
Back on the Buses 00
Load of Balls
Que'vy N
Blecthinhurst 00
Clayton West 00
Somewhere in France 009
Southdown Model Bus display
Calcutta Tea Line HoE
Grassinton 1890 Wide Gauge
Menkelholf N Gauge
Lambourne 00
Drive 0 gauge LNER & Pacific
Small n Working N & 00
Little Tottesdon 00
St Denis French HOe
Ralham N
Hobbs Lane 00
Verneuil Les Vignes N
Summerhall S gauge

Models U Drive
All Wheels
Model Railway Signs
Kent Garden Railway
Plus Daughters
Harrison Brown Models
Southwark MRC Pre Owned
Shooters Hill Players
David Lynch locomotives
Chilvers 3D printing
Lauren Villier Transport Images
Matthew Cousins Guild of Railway Artists
Andy Lynch
Hainsworth Pre owned
Sub 4 Association
Network Southeast Assc

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Old 5th December 2023, 01:18
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Join Date: Oct 2023
Location: Tonbridge
Posts: 14
I am in room 1 with my layout

Woolwich Model Rail Show Floor Plan.jpg
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