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Old 21st June 2012, 02:58
13laic1 13laic1 is offline
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Questionnaire on flat packed models for GCSE Project

Hello, I am currently doing a GCSE Graphics project, where i have to make a flat packed model, and I would like to do some primary research. Could you please answer this questionnaire? Thanks

1. How old are you?

2. What scale model trains do you buy?

3. How much would you spend on a high-quality flat packed model building for you model train set?

4. What time period is your model train set in?

5. Would you be interested in buying a model church?

6. What are your requirements when buying a flat packed model of a building?

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Old 21st June 2012, 09:29
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I do hope that this is constructive for you, this is a nice questionnaire BUT it automatically assumes that all modellers buy models

You DO need to ask whether the modeller buys flat pack or not
you also need to ask gender specifics as well - this is not a totally male preserve
and why the specific building question would be better asking the modeller for three building that they need on their diaorama

you will find churches are much less modelled as they are TOWN SPECIFIC each having it's own design, and many modellers build only around the vicinity of the railhead so tend to lean towards
Terrace housing
Railway buildings for the specific Region (as well as time period which you have asked) so unless the Church is close by then it doesn't fit

To be specific for you

I do not buy any model buildings (unless they're free) as I cannot get the specific I want at a reasonable for me price
I do not need a Church as the area I am modelling the Chapel is over 1 mile from the tracks
I'm modelling the dirty Era 1960's
The wheelchair Paparazzi


Last edited by Madcaravanner; 21st June 2012 at 14:59. Reason: corrected spelling
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Old 21st June 2012, 14:19
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I think the above answer does it.

I would pobably answer no to most. I build my own stock.
Great Central Jack
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