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Sydney's Light Rail Future

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Old 25th November 2013, 07:50
emilymainzer emilymainzer is offline  
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Sydney's Light Rail Future

Light rail is one of the 3 major public transport modes that too in Sydney. This glimpse of Sydney's light rail network will solve city's traffic congestion by carrying around 9000 people an hour. Benefits are more with this light rail like it will offer faster, simpler, and more reliable services. What do you think of this light rail? Here is a video demonstrating about this light rail in Sydney.

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Old 26th November 2013, 08:56
jayar jayar is offline
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Nice presentation - I think it will be great for Sydney, and it is good that they are looking forward to the future with this project. Much better than planning for road traffic, like so many cities in the world are doing.
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