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WSR / SVR loco swap

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Old 11th May 2019, 11:46
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WSR / SVR loco swap

Following the recent repairs to the track and infrastructure on the West Somerset Railway, the axle limit has had to be temporarily downgraded until further work can be carried out. As a result, resident GWR 'Modified Hall' No.6960 'Raveningham Hall' cannot be used as it is over the current axle limit. So the loco is to spend 2019 (until at least October) at the Severn Valley Railway, with SVR-based 'Manor' No.7802 'Bradley Manor' moving in the oppostite direction to spend the season on the WSR.

The WSR has already secured the loan of Tyseley-based 'Pannier' No.7752 for 2019, repainting the loco back into GWR green from it's previous LT maroon as part of the deal. Other operational locos at the WSR include another 'Manor', No.7828 'Odney Manor' & S&DJR 7F No.53808.
The WSR is celebrating it's 40th anniversary this year, with a gala over the weekend of 8/9 June, which may also see additional visiting locos.

'Raveningham Hall' returns to the Severn Valley Railway, having been part of the resident fleet at Bridgnorth from 1981-1996 and joins another visiting loco, 5101 class No.4144 which is on loan from Didcot until November (this is also a reciprocal deal with 14XX No.1450 visiting Didcot for the summer). Other operational locos at the SVR include Port Talbort 0-6-0ST No.813, BR(W) 15XX No.1501, GWR 28XX No.2857, GWR 57XX No.7714, SR rebuilt West Country No.34027 'Taw Valley', BR(M) 4MT No.43106 & BR 4MT No.75069.


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Old 11th May 2019, 13:21
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Many thanks for the info Tony.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
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