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Old 7th September 2018, 17:23
wildheart wildheart is offline  
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: wigan
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hello to everyone, first time poster on the site, was a train spotter in my youth and drifted away from it although took my children to many preserved railways and model railway exhibitions when they were growing up. Children have left home and my wife and I have more time on our hands hence my return to train enthusing. I find standing on stations spotting so relaxing and recommend it to anyone with hypertension. I still work full time but try to fit in a trainspotting trip at least once a month. grew up with diesels so whilst I have an affection for steam, diesels are what excite me especially Deltics, have happy memoires of standing on York station and hearing the rumbling of Deltic heading towards York station from the south before you could see it

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Old 7th September 2018, 22:10
G6 UXU's Avatar
G6 UXU G6 UXU is offline  
Station Manager
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Hello wildheart and welcome to the forum from all the staff, have a good look round and all the best.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
truckandbusforum.com birdforum.net
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Old 9th September 2018, 19:23
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DSY011 DSY011 is offline  
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Hello wildheart and welcome to the Railway Forum.
The Old Git, Syd
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Old 11th September 2018, 19:55
Fearless's Avatar
Fearless Fearless is offline
Join Date: Aug 2018
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Hello Wildheart, from a fellow Deltic buff! I know just what you mean about York. Hopefully we'll see a lot of railtours bringing back all these wonderful memories and keeping them alive.
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