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join the british rail discord

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Old 15th August 2018, 17:32
caitlinlewis caitlinlewis is offline
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join the british rail discord


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Old 16th August 2018, 09:00
D.O.G.F.A.N.'s Avatar
D.O.G.F.A.N. D.O.G.F.A.N. is offline  
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Sorry. Not for me.
I like to keep my details private.
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Old 17th August 2018, 06:20
aussiesteve's Avatar
aussiesteve aussiesteve is offline
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Er Um,
I am wondering why an aussie koala appears on this particular forum link subscription page ?
Or has "Big Brother" determined that I am an aussie.
I only encountered the single train yesterday that was amexed (cancelled) on me trek to and from smog hollow Sydney.
So, I had to wait for the next one 15 minutes later.
Not much discord as a consequence.
Though, I did hear another announcement advising another two trains had been cancelled when I arrived at Central station.
Maybe your British Rail discord is due to a similar situation here in Sydney.
Numerous drivers are retiring leaving a hole in the rosters.
Gone are the days of the huge government railway here in NSW.
With regular intakes of trainees, thereby providing a resource of eventual drivers.
Privatization has resulted in a very reduced train crew resource.
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Old 18th August 2018, 13:35
Beeyar Wunby's Avatar
Beeyar Wunby Beeyar Wunby is offline  
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Yes, I saw the splash screen for this one that tells you absolutely nothing, but wants you to sign up immediately. Thanks, but no thanks.

I hate the way you have to register with every website you come across - I now have an email variant of mine which starts as [email protected] Needless to say anything coming into my email clent on that one goes straight in the bin.

aussiesteve - I suspect that this site detected the location of your ISP and treated you to a bit of Aussie symbolism to 'make you feel at home'. (Yea, right).

Do tell me what is the origin of the expression 'amexed' ? Nothing to do with American Express I presume. Here in Blighty we say 'Caped' for a train which doesn't even manage to start its journey, though I can't for the life of me remember why. My railway is doing a hell of a lot of that just at the moment, unfortunately.

About 25% of the drivers here (including myself) are approaching retirement age, and I suspect that any sillyness from DafT (the Department for Transport) such as compelling us to work Sundays in addition to a normal working week will result in alot of keys being handed in. They're too mean to recruit extra drivers to do the extra work.

As is usual with any government involvement (for it is they who run - and ruin the railway), any action they take has the opposite effect to the one they intend. In this case they want drivers covering more work, and if they force this on us they'll have 25% fewer drivers in the blink of an eye. And these will be the most experienced who suddenly disappear.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...as the French say.

Au revoir,
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Old 19th August 2018, 07:40
aussiesteve's Avatar
aussiesteve aussiesteve is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2017
Location: Bathurst
Posts: 165
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G'day BW,
Squizzed a docco on late niter tv about Paddington (?) station.
Hope I spelt that correctly.
GWR territory from the logo on the safety vests.
Some points switch blade fracture created platform chaos.
Plus, some newbie emu (class 379 or something nearby) computer went belly up.
So, it became a failure until some boffin bashed the computer back into action.
Computers on trains, PHOOEY !
So, I guess some BR discord experienced.
But, was it CAPED ?
AMEX is one of the plethora of four character telegraph codes utilized back in the glory days.
AMEX telegram being dispatched to announce a service or train cancellation.
AMBA is the code for the Train Register Book.
ABUZ announces the time that a special goods train will depart at.
ACME announces the time that a Light Engine will depart at from a station.
The list goes on and on.
ZONA is the telegram issued by a train crew to train control requesting relief.
The Zona clerk will then accomplish this task if possible.
WAXY requires the relevant matter to be given special attention.
CUTA tells a train crew to attach or detach loading en route at a location.
ROVA is a circulating notice detailing certain specifics.
ROVA MECH was the circular issued by Mech branch to alter some operational facet of a locomotive in contradiction to the details listed for it in the working time table.
ROVA SAFE was the circular issued to permit a train, wagon or locomotive to operate outside of the normal restrictions; an out of gauge load per example.
GENL is the standard circular issued system wide (general circular).
But the best is SYCO.
The code for Sydney Control.
Hitchcock could not have appended a more apt moniker.
I only remember a few of these codes, as train crew did not need to know many of them.
Semaphore signals, signal box bell codes, and tele codes, TRAD railway flavour.
BUNG was not an official code, and was a slang term for a "please explain", You're In Trouble corro issued by management.
Yes, I did cop the occasional BUNG in me pigeon hole in the sign on room.
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