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Old 22nd June 2022, 08:30
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aussiesteve aussiesteve is offline
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Ah, just been watching the tv news and having a snicker.
Rail worker strike in the UK, the first in 30 years or so.
Ah well, we had our turn here a couple of months ago when transport workers walked out.
I guess that people are getting fed up with capitalistic companies.
Power blackouts have also been mooted here as our coal fired power stations downgrade for Net Zero.
And, indeed there was a thankfully only short blackout here yesterday, WHILE I was in the dental distress chair.
The dentist and nurse rushing away to grab battery head lamps to use to continue in me gob.
The drill dingus didn't work, but thankfully he had accomplished most of the drilling and gouging before the lights went out.
Global warming, well I could definitely do with some of that here now.
I am forced to add to the potential blackout burden by consuming electrons to stay warm and see.
The coldest winter to hit down-under in some time, so they reckons.
The joy of it all.
At least I got to squiz the largest soot belcher down-under here the week-end afore last.
It puffed up here to run shuttles for a couple of days in the grotty grey conditions.
Otherwise nought much of interest happening.

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Old 22nd June 2022, 10:16
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Hi Steve, good to see you are still about.

It's always a pleasure to read your posts.
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Old 22nd June 2022, 13:40
Beeyar Wunby's Avatar
Beeyar Wunby Beeyar Wunby is offline  
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Yo Steve, I was wondering where you'd got to.

Yes this government has a pledge to break the unions, and now they've turned on the railway. This battle has been a long time coming.

The Millionaires have vowed to do away with Booking Office staff, having already signed the death warrant for Guards. They also want to remove platform staff. And signallers are being phased out.

Which only leaves the drivers (ASLEF) - who aren't on strike at the moment. However we're all aware that when the Digital Railway comes about there'll be no need for them either, as everything in the 'system' will be controlled by Big Brother computer in the Control Bunker (Rail Operating Centre, ROC).

It makes me very sad, because ultimately it will be be a lose-lose situation. Travelling by train will be way more hellish for the passengers than it already is (with hardly any staff around, the crime rate will soar - I've seem this in South London when they withdrew station staff).

Still, I'm very lucky to be out of it. Speaking of which - my number came up at last and I've begun diesel training at my local heritage railway. I tried a steam day, which was way too much like hard work. Don't fancy starting all that hot gruelling work at 60!

But the diesels are fun, and I'm loving it. Included is a pic of the Class 31. What a lovely machine.

So finally I have found somewhere magical to hide and get all nostalgic, while the real world turns to sludge.

Keep safe, BW
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Last edited by Beeyar Wunby; 22nd June 2022 at 14:07.
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Old 23rd June 2022, 01:24
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aussiesteve aussiesteve is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2017
Location: Bathurst
Posts: 556
Images: 172
G'day Philip and BW, yep still above ground, but lacking in enthusiasm.
I have had FIVE jabs in the past 17 months, it is a wonder that me arm ain't leaking like a sieve.
But, I continue to hide or wear a mask when I do join the unwashed masses.
Plaguer numbers has reduced, but we are still copping around 500 per day in Bathurst.
Yer class 31 looks in good nick.
Yes, perched in a weasel is much easier for us old farts compared with swinging the banjo.
But, I doubt that the boffins will ever get a computer to drive a soot belcher.
The NSW gov has just announced increased fines for ILLEGAL strikes.
I am thankful that I am retired.
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