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First-class passenger cars in Spanish trains, 1930s

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Old 28th June 2022, 22:50
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First-class passenger cars in Spanish trains, 1930s

  • Did Spanish inter-city trains operating in the Nationalist (rebel) zone in 1936-9 have first-class cars? I know they didn't in the Republican areas.
  • If so, how were they configured? Did compartments have direct access to the platform? Did passengers get to them from a corridor along one side of the car? Something else?
  • Do you have any photos, or can you steer me to someplace that does? I'm having no luck.

I'm interested in the regular inter-city trains, not the ultra-posh Orient Express analogues that operated in Spain.

The heroine in my current novel, down-at-heels aviatrix Kate, will on two occasions in the story have to ride Spanish trains in winter 1937: once from Merida to Seville, then once from Burgos toward Merida. She travels first class to limit her exposure to the Spanish public.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Author of the DeWitt Agency Files and DeWitt Agency Adventures series
Coming soon: The Kate DeWitt Adventures (1930s-40s espionage & mystery)
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