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BR Class 25 Question

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Old 2nd July 2024, 14:47
stevestrat stevestrat is offline  
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BR Class 25 Question

I'm an ex BR driver reminiscing a bit! I started on the footplate as a secondman early in 1980. Once the drivers got to know you they'd let you "have a shot", take the driver's seat. First time with me (mid 1980?) was taking a loco from Haymarket to my own depot, Millerhill, Jock Thompson was the driver.

Here's my problem, I remember the loco as being a class 25 but . . . . I also remember it as having a slide throttle. Before you say it must have been a 24 from what I can find they were withdrawn by early 1980. So, my question, did any 25s have slide throttles or are the class 24 withdrawal dates incorrect?

Ex BR Footplate, TCS & Manager
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