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News from Sri Lanka Railways

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Old 27th June 2019, 04:10
richbro richbro is offline  
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News from Sri Lanka Railways

Hello all,

I thought of creating a dedicated thread for Sri Lanka Railways, which considered as one of the scenic railway lines in the world. I will share images, news and my own experiences here. Everyone can share their experiences.

I would love to hear your feedback


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Old 30th June 2019, 08:37
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Master Cutler Master Cutler is offline  
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Thanks for the 'heads-up' richbro, your railways look to be prospering for both freight and passengers.
What is the 15,000 tonnes of flour for?

General Manager of Railways, futher stated that Department of Railways has signed an agreement on 27.06.2017 to transport stocks of preema flour from china harbour to Galle and Seeduwa and 15 wagons , transport containers have been granted to the Railway Department by the p;reema company under this project and it is due to earn a revenue of Rs 11 million per month for the Department of Sri Lanka Railway.
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