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Passive level crossing protection

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Old 1st July 2019, 08:00
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Passive level crossing protection

The ATSB have published the incident report into the july 13 2016 prang at Larpent Victoria.
A mangled mess of both the big rig and V/line N class loco involved.
Our Mexico features a myriad of level crossings.
And, being mostly flat, train speeds are generally fast when approaching such level crossings.
This incident appears to have been an accident just waiting to occur.
The wind break trees in the adjacent property totally occluding the railway line until right at the level crossing.
I am guessing the track circuited level crossing protection will now be installed there.
Though, only a gravel road.
I was watching a tv docco recently dubbed "Why do trains Crash".
And, level crossings seem to be a major potential source of rail accidents around the globe.
The Japanese Shinkansen having a very impressive safety record due to the right of way being totally separate from vehicle traffic.
Plus, also devoid of slow slogging freight trains.
Level crossing accidents do occur in Japan on the ground level commuter system.
But, they are attempting to improve the safety record of such by the installation of lasar detection at level crossings.
Any object detected inside the crossing and a special signal displays a stop indication to the approaching train.
I did wonder just why Japanese level crossings were not interlocked with main running signals.
But, it was proffered that if such were interlocked, then with numerous level crossings existing within a main line signal section, train delay would be more intense.

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