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Bluebell SteamWorks opening 20/21 October

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Old 30th September 2018, 21:48
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Bluebell SteamWorks opening 20/21 October


The Bluebell Railway's new attraction 'SteamWorks' opens on Saturday 20th October 2018. This was formerly known as the ASH (Accessible Steam Heritage) project and has been supported by National Lottery funding.

SteamWorks is the new interactive locomotive display, situated in part of the locomotive shed at Sheffield Park. It features a number of the Bluebell's out of traffic locomotives with improved information on these locos, plus a special interactive full size model of 'Stepney' (alongside the real thing!) and this shows how a steam locomotive works with a simulation of a trip along the line.

The opening of SteamWorks is being celebrated over the weekend of 20/21 October with a family-orientated festival.



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