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Early Trams in Nice

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Old 26th November 2023, 22:09
RogerFarnworth RogerFarnworth is offline  
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Between Nice and Monte Carlo the TNL had two branch lines. The first ran from Pont St. Jean to St. Jean Cap Ferrat, the second ran up onto the rock in Monaco from the railway station. This article looks at those two lines:


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Old 29th November 2023, 17:21
RogerFarnworth RogerFarnworth is offline  
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Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: Ashton-under-Lyne
Posts: 499
Monte Carlo to Menton

Our visit to Nice in November 2023 provided the impetus for looking at the Tramways de Nice et du Littoral (TNL) network of metre-gauge tramways.

This next article is about the most easterly part of the network, the line between Monte Carlo and Menton. ...


As trams travelled along this route they passed two significant local railways/tramways. ...

1. The rack railway from Monte Carlo to La Turbie on the Grande Corniche which throughout its existence was a significant tourist line. ...


2. The Menton to Sospel branch tramway which was very different in character to the rest of the TNL network. Given that much of the line was on its own formation, it was more akin to a mountain railway than the remainder of the network. It was similar in many ways to the Tramways des Alpes Maritimes (TAM) lines which served the hinterland behind the Cote d'Azur. ...


This line will feature in a future article which looks at two of the TNL lines in the hills behind the Mediterranean coast. ...
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