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SHMRC Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition - 16th November 2019

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Old 28th October 2019, 06:59
davidmcc3 davidmcc3 is offline  
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Location: Gosport, Hants, UK
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SHMRC Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition - 16th November 2019

Each November, the South Hants Model Railway Club hosts the annual Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition.

Please note: The SHMRC portsmouth Exhibition is NOT connected to the Victory Club Exhibition (4th/5th April 2020).

Our venue is the Admiral Lord Nelson School on Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, between 10:30 and 16:30.

Not only is this the longest running model railway show in the area, but it is rapidly gaining a national reputation as an exhibition that shows the very best of this fascinating hobby.

Each exhibition has a carefully chosen selection of top-class model railway layouts and demonstrators. We are supported each year by a loyal band of traders and ‘gauge’ societies.

Full details of layouts, traders, demonstrators and societies, plus details of how to get there, can be found on the Club's website - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/

The Admiral Lord Nelson School is being enlarged, and pedestrian access and parking arrangements will be different this year. Please refer to the club website where information will be added and updated as we get closer to the exhibition.

Allt Y Graban Road - (4mm scale)
Arun Quay - (7mm scale)
Clifton & Lowther - (2mm scale)
Cornwallis Yard - (4mm scale
Faringdon - (4mm scale)
Kitedale*- (4mm*scale)
Navigation Road - (4mm scale)
Normandy Junction MPD*- (7mm scale)
Obbekaer - (3.5mm scale)
Sandford & Banwell - (4mm scale)
Wickwar - (2mm scale)

Widley and St George (4mm scale) -*One for our younger visitors - come and drive trains pulled by Thomas, Percy, Gordon and more of their friends

Booklaw Publications
C & L Finescale
Coastal DCC
Frome Model Centre
London Road Models
London Road Models
Model Railway Developments
Squires Model & Craft Tools
The Model Shop Portsmouth
Tim Horn Baseboards
Plus our Members’ Sales Stand

Full details of layouts, traders, demonstrators and Societies can be found on our website using the links below:
Layouts - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/...ition-layouts/
Traders - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/
Demonstrators & Societies - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/...ors-societies/

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Old 15th November 2019, 14:36
davidmcc3 davidmcc3 is offline  
Join Date: Oct 2018
Location: Gosport, Hants, UK
Posts: 10
Trader and Parking update

A quick note to let you know about changes to our traders, and some parking information.

Unfortunately, London Road Models, Masterpiece Falcon Figures, and Frome Model Centre have had to pull out at the last minute for unavoidable personal reasons - we look forward to seeing them back in 2020.

We've been able to secure one extra trader ... Dingo Server Mounts - see the Trader page https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/ for more details.

Parking will be more difficult this year as the school is part way through some major building works. There's more information on our website Exhibition page https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/ , and we've produced a handout to help people park this year - a copy is attached to this post.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday - we have a cracking show this year!
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