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Train collision on Storebaelt Bridge - 8 fatalities

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Old 4th January 2019, 09:34
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Train collision on Storebaelt Bridge - 8 fatalities

Not a good start to the new year... R.I.P.

From Wikipedia:
On 2 January 2019, on the Great Belt Fixed Link in Denmark, a passenger train collided with a semi-trailer that had fallen off a freight train. The accident happened amid a storm, which had closed down the bridge for road traffic, but not for rail traffic. Eight passengers were killed and 16 were injured. It was the worst rail accident in Denmark since 1988.
Daily Mail Online

Hindsight is what you see from the guard's van
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Old 5th January 2019, 05:22
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Yes, the news video and photos do make one wonder about the security of such tarpaulin style trailers.
The loaded trailers with tarpaulins shredded don't appear to possess any internal load strapping.
Only the tarpaulin provides load security.
The train appears to be the Rollinglandstrasse style where big rigs drive on from one end of the wagon rake.
I would imagine that winds could become very strong when out in the middle and open water.
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