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London Victoria Derailment

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Old 9th July 2019, 21:58
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London Victoria Derailment

Services into and out of London Victoria have been severely disrupted today following the derailment of an engineers train overnight. The derailment led to the closure of platforms 9-13, the cancellation of all Gatwick Express services from Victoria-Brighton & delays or cancellations to other Southern services.




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Old 10th July 2019, 07:04
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The images are a tad small and dark to determine the situation.
But, it appears that the train may have split the points.
I guess that somebody will be answering bungs (please explain notices).
When the wheels fall off down in smog hollow, omnibus services substitute.
And that is real fun when them omnibus services get stuck in peak hour traffic.
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Old 10th July 2019, 11:36
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Yup it's gonna be interesting seeing what caused the lead vehicle to derail. I wonder if there was a possession on?

I seem to remember a bit of a to-do outside Waterloo in an engineering worksite recently that ultimately led to a collision.

Oh yes, linky here......https://www.gov.uk/raib-reports/repo...ondon-waterloo

It's that damn degraded working - glad we don't do that crazy engineering stuff in the wee small hours of the night - far too easy to mess up.

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Old 10th July 2019, 12:37
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I came through London the other day, from Paris to St Pancras then on to Alton via Waterloo. Arrival at St Pancras was around 4.30pm so it was rush hour. I was lucky, surprised and thankful there were no delays, got to Alton at around 7pm.
Hindsight is what you see from the guard's van
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Old 11th July 2019, 06:31
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Yes, BW, I possess a number of yer Pommy prang investigation reports.
They usually make for interesting reading.
I must check to see if I do got that Waterloo report when I next visit the library.
From memory, I have one that shows an emu tilting into the end of the platform.
Recently grabbed an NTSB report into a fatality in the New York Subway mob.
A train encountered some flagmen in the gloom and skittled them.
They were installing temporary warning signals for work that was to be dun in a section hut.
Wouldn't get me trudging around in our smog hollow underground.
I've seen what it be like down there through the windscreen.
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