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Return of the Saint

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Old 31st December 2018, 22:11
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Return of the Saint

Didcot Railway Centre are holding a series of events in 2019 to mark the launch of the GWR 'Saint' No.2999 'Lady of Legend'. This is of course a new-build, using ex-Barry 'Hall' class No.4942 'Maindy Hall' to recreate a member of the 'Saint' class of which none survived into preservation. This is also a reversal of history as the original 'Hall' was developed by Charles Collett by rebuilding one of George Churchward's 'Saint's.

April 5th-7th - Official relaunch of 2999 'Lady of Legend'.

April 19th-22nd (Easter weekend) - "The impossible dream".
This event brings together the new-build 'Saint', the recreated Steam Railmotor No.93 & 'King' No.6023 'King Edward II', a restoration that many thought impossible due to the severed driving wheels suffered by the loco at Barry Scrapyard. This is the first time all 3 of these will be steamed together.

June 7th-9th - "The Hall & the Saint".
No.2999 will be joined by visiting Hawksworth 'Modified Hall' No.7903 'Foremark Hall', and I'm sure the event will also feature No.5900 'Hinderton Hall' on prominent display (out of steam), for a full comparison between the Churchward, Collett & Hawksworth 4-6-0s.


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