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Hello From Sacramento, California.

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Old 19th May 2021, 03:18
RailroadBill RailroadBill is offline  
Join Date: May 2021
Location: Sacramento
Posts: 3
Smile Hello From Sacramento, California.

Hello Everybody. I was looking for an international (not just covering the U.S.) railway forum and discovered this one, so I joined. I am a docent at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento (csrmf.org). I used to work as a guide in the museum and also as a Car Attendant on our tourist line that goes 3.5 miles down the river and back - with steam power several times a month. But now I mainly work in the library/archives and manage an internal website for our 350+ docents and volunteers. I am very interested in British steam. My wife and I rode the Tornado (built in 2008) from London to Exeter and back; a wonderful all day trip. I also "bought" a small boiler tube for the rebuilding of the Duke of Glouster. Right now I'm working up a PowerPoint presentation on "British Steam Railways +1" that I will be giving to 100+ museum docents in June (I also do continuing education training). The "+1" refers to the one diesel-electric that I just must mention - the Deltics. Well, I think that's quite enough of a "hello" message. Cheers! Bill

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Old 19th May 2021, 18:28
Beeyar Wunby's Avatar
Beeyar Wunby Beeyar Wunby is offline  
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Rotor Creek
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Hello Bill, and welcome to our forum.
It's interesting how people often look to foreign railways. I was always fascinated by the AT&SF railroad when I was a teenager. I still marvel at the scenery and massive locos which run now.

Fun fact - did you know that FDNY had a Super Pumper which used the same engine (you guys call them Prime Movers I believe) as the Deltic had - a Napier? This monsterous machine drove an impellor pump to supply their engines and trucks for fire fighting in New York. There's some youtube clips of it running, and Wiki...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napier_Deltic

Cheers, John
"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence" -Charles Bukowski.
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Old 19th May 2021, 21:59
RailroadBill RailroadBill is offline  
Join Date: May 2021
Location: Sacramento
Posts: 3
Wow. How fascinating (a napier diesel in a NYFD pumper). Thanks!
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