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60009 Incident at Bury 22/12/19

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Old 23rd December 2019, 22:55
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60009 Incident at Bury 22/12/19

A4 No.60009 'Union of South Africa' has been involved in an incident at Bury Bolton Street, East Lancashire Railway. It appears that although the locomotive had been uncoupled from the coaching stock, but the corridor connection between the locomotive's tender and the first vehicle in the train, an ex-LMS 'Stove R' 6-wheel gangway brake M32978M, was still connected as the loco moves off.



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Old 24th December 2019, 12:57
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Ugggh. My heart goes out to them. Nowadays there's always a phone or camera around to capture the mishaps. I'm fortunate that most of my boo-boos have occurred away from public gaze (touchwood).

Fortunately nobody was hurt here.

I have to ask this. Who would have been responsible for the uncoupling? Fireman, Guard, Shunter? Never had to do this myself as modern trains have Autocouplers, but I do remember back in the 1990s being on the South Eastern at Tonbridge station where there was a Station Shunter who spent his day going between the old Slam-door units to trip the knuckles on the couplers and attach/detach the air hoses.

Cheers, BW.
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