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Project Bubble 19 - AVIVA Community Fund VOTE appeal

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Old 29th October 2018, 19:01
Llanelli Railway Llanelli Railway is offline  
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Project Bubble 19 - AVIVA Community Fund VOTE appeal

Hi all, this is a post on behalf of the Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway (www.llanellrailway.co.uk), based near Llanelli in South Wales. We own Class 122 DMU W55019 of 1958. The unit is awaiting restoration and is yet to turn a wheel in preservation.

We have applied to the AVIVA Community Fund to obtain the funds required to restore the unit to full working order. Bringing this unit into service would be a massive help to us in our longer term aims. We would like to appeal for your votes. You get 10 votes each and it doesn't cost you a penny to vote! As a small heritage railway every single vote will make a huge difference.

PLEASE CLICK THE LINK TO VOTE https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/v...ct/view/4-3040

Thank you / Diolch

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