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Prediction for OCTOBER 2019 at the Bluebell

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Old 24th October 2018, 21:58
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Prediction for OCTOBER 2019 at the Bluebell

I have a prediction for one of the visitors for the Bluebell's Autumn gala (Giants of Steam) next October ...

LMS Princess Coronation pacific No.6233 'Duchess of Sutherland'. There, you heard it here first!

The reasons I am making this prediction are that the latest Bluebell News hinted that a "big LMS express locomotive" was in the frame for next year's gala, but also Steam Dreams are planning a railtour starting from the Bluebell Railway (to Oxford & Worcester) on 5th October 2019, and the Bluebell's website have announced yesterday that this is potentially to be hauled by 'Duchess of Sutherland'.

Let's see what happens in just over 11 months' time...


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Old 27th October 2018, 08:59
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If it comes I'll be there. Meet you in the Bessemer Arms!
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