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Brighton Atlantic progress

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Old 1st November 2019, 20:49
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Brighton Atlantic progress

The boiler for new build 'Brighton Atlantic' No.32424 'Beachy Head' has passed it's hydraulic test today, keeping the loco on target for a Summer 2021 completion.
The new build will revive a missing class in preservation, the LB&SCR Marsh class H2 4-4-2 (Atlantic) and is being built using a boiler from a Great Northern Railway Atlantic, which was discovered in use as a stationary boiler at a factory in Essex. The LBSCR H2 was a very similar design to the GNR C1 class, hence the suitability of using the ex-GNR boiler.
Aside from the boiler, the project is making use of the tender frame from a LBSCR C2X class 0-6-0, but everything else is being built from scratch. Currently, the bottom half of the loco is substantially complete, the tender has been wheeled and just recently the all-new tender tank has arrived and lowered onto the frames.



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