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Everything old is new again.

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Old 6th February 2023, 10:42
cabforward cabforward is offline  
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Location: Charleston, SC
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Everything old is new again.

I'm new to the forum. I'm over 70 and retired. I was in computing operations for 25 years in Charleston, SC. I hope to stimulate interest in sponsoring a commuter rail system for the Charleston area. Pop. is at 600,000 and growing daily. Every week a new business announces buying land for new facilities; beginning construction on a physical site; announcing interest in locating here to determine how local interest reacts to the announcements. With the harbor being dredged to much deeper depths, there is no limit to the capacity or size of container ships from all over the world docking here. With the proper planning and foresight (commuter rail), Charleston could be the premier port of call for shippers, new plants for factory work and other interests. It could be the best and biggest location for shippers, new companies, residents, retirees, tourists, medical patients, and beach resort visitors. Charleston has it all and with good planning it will attract even more attention from people, companies and others who see this region as the best place to be. But, to start, citizens in the Tri-county must have a cheap, efficient, safe way to get from home to downtown. Commuter rail is the key to the opening the door to incredible opportunities for the residents, newcomers and those who would consider re-locating here. But, they must have a reason to come here. Commuter rail answers all these needs and more. With good support from citizens, politicians at the local and state levels, and business leaders, this could happen. It just needs promotion.

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