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Barmouth Viaduct shuts for 25m renovation

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Old 16th October 2020, 09:26
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Barmouth Viaduct shuts for 25m renovation

A Grade II listed viaduct will shut on Friday for a 25m renovation project to begin.

Rather than face one long closure, Barmouth Viaduct will close three times for short periods.

The entire length of track on the structure will be replaced, along with a large number of the timber and metal elements.

Built in 1864 and 2,690ft (820m) long, Network Rail says Barmouth is its only major timber‐built bridge still in use.


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Old 22nd October 2020, 12:02
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Many thanks for this Philip, hope you don't mind but I've shared it with the North Wales Nostalgia group on Facebook with acknowledgement to rf.net.
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