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Article on my Amtrak trip from Maine to Miami

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Old 14th November 2020, 04:05
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Article on my Amtrak trip from Maine to Miami

Hi All

If anyone is interested I recently published an article on me pre-COVID trip from Brunswick, Maine to Miami, exploring the east coast on Amtrak.
It's published here: https://trainreview.com/article/expl...miami-by-train

I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

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Old 14th November 2020, 16:16
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Hi Memma, that's a very interesting article. I Iook forward to reading it. There are some lovely pictures in it.

One teeny comment. I always think a travelogue should have a map in it showing the route you've taken. I know I could open another window and pull up Google maps, but it aint the same.

Cheers, BW
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