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LDS to KGX diagrams

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Old 3rd May 2017, 21:04
LondonSteve LondonSteve is offline  
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LDS to KGX diagrams

Apologies if I haven't got the terminology quite right. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and all that

But does anyone know if there's an easy way of comparing which units were diagrammed to work LDS to KGX at the start of the day with what actually happened.

e.g (using random numbers as an example) headcode 1XXX should have been worked by 99001 but was actually worked by 99009.

The reason for asking is fairly simple (and might help narrow the search)

On May 1 the 1845 LDS-KGX was cancelled because of "problems with the doors".

The 1815 from LDS left behind schedule after a late platform change.

I suspect the door problem (if, indeed, that was the problem) might have been on the unit due to work the 1815.

But, for some reason, they decided to use the unit due to work the 1845 for the 1815 and cancel the 1845 instead.

Was the "door problem" a smokescreen? And for some other reason (crew or units out of place at the end of the day?) it was more convenient to cancel the 1845 rather than the 1815.

Any thoughts or pointers would be welcome.

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