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Some help from the experts

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Old 18th January 2014, 22:12
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Originally Posted by Ploughman View Post
The white squares on the road are known distance markers. Typically 1/4 mile apart.
Councils may use them some times but the proper reason is do with Police Speed traps.
Still used but largely superceeded by roadside vans now.
Cross the first one, stopwatch started, cross the second one before time Stopwatch says "Naughty Naughty".
Postman brings you a begging letter or the nice man on the motorbike with flashing blue lights in the farm gateway stops you for a chat.

The highway vehicles tend to use the bar coded signs seen on some lamp posts etc. Some on the York Ring rd.
I've heard that too, only they are distanced at one eight apart for my source? They are seldom used now though as modern technology has moved on.

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Old 18th January 2014, 23:06
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I hope to be up that way this year, Bryan, I will keep a look for that rosser. For some reason I would like to go to Skipton and work across to NRM and NYMR, and on to Newcastle and Berwick on Tweed. Bishop Auckland is the farthest north I have been on that side of the country.
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Old 19th January 2014, 03:53
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Originally Posted by Ploughman View Post
Wonder if it is a version of the "Hallade Track Recorder"?

Yes that would get my vote. The two weights will move in proportion to the dynamic envelope, and that will be recorded by the stylus.
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