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Class 66 cab doors

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Old 5th February 2011, 12:12
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Originally Posted by Seabrook View Post
When you open the External Doors on a Class 66 you enter a small passageway and the Cab doors are on the back wall of the Cab. 2 Doors No'1 end and 1 Door No'2 End. This reduces draughts and noise due to the cab doors also being sound insulated. The external doors are just formed sheets of steel. No'1 cab is large and spacious. No'2 end cab is a lot smaller and suffers from noise and severe overheating in Summer due to being situated in front of the radiators and cooling fans.
The reason for the small cab (No 2 End) is that these locos were designed as a single cab loco and EWS asked for another cab to be fitted which was a "modular" one bolted to the radiator end of the loco.

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Old 12th April 2011, 02:03
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Originally Posted by whitemoor66 View Post
Great stuff cheers whitemoor66
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Old 11th March 2012, 10:26
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21A man,

not true, they are a dirivitive of a 59, when built, they had to use as much as possible from the original 59 design, so as to gain grandfather rights on a number of issues, such as end loading, crash worthyness etc.

No 1 end also houses the computer / control gear, where as the No. 2 end had the rad room directly behind it, the No 1 cab being bigger to allow access to the computers and control gear.

The 59s were based on SD45s and the 66s were more based control/electrically and engine wise on the SD 70s.


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