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Class 69 on the rails.

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Old 20th February 2021, 01:15
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Class 69 on the rails.

I saw a short YouTube video of the first class 69 diesel on the move, albeit being towed.


Seems these are rebuilt and re-engined class 56, and this article gives details of the conversion and some history.


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Old 20th February 2021, 13:56
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Thanks Philip.

Originally Posted by Railmagazine"
He explained: The cooler group is proven from an EMD GT42AC locomotive, the alternator is from a one-metre GP40 locomotive, and the electrical cubicle was specifically designed for the Class 69 project to fit within the Class 56 bodyshell.

The cab inside is all new - the Brush controls have gone and its much more similar now to a 66. We have kept the curved Class 47-style desk, but other than that its very Americanised. The front end has been redesigned and all the draughts have now gone."
So it's a stealth EMD in a UK bodyshell. And the blighters have even removed the defining quality of British locos - they've stopped the draught. Is nothing sacred? Real Train Drivers freeze to death whilst wrapped in bin bags. It's part of the job!

Seriously though, it's not surprising they're rebuilding these. Nice to see the old bangers are still with us.

Cheers, John

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