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Help with a 3d model - steam engine locomotive

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Old 2nd April 2022, 10:47
charlie90 charlie90 is offline
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Help with a 3d model - steam engine locomotive

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me out here. I am trying to produce a model of a simple steam engine locomotive for education purposes. I have a basic model ready but I think there might be some issues - I noticed the tube is overlapping a little and there might be other things. I got a feedback that the front it maybe too long so the steam could not get through?
I know this is more of a train enthusiasts forum but I would like to get this as accurate as possible so the students can learn from a quality model.

I would therefore appreciate any help - if you could glance over and maybe mark up areas that are not quite right in your opinion, that would be fantastic. I though of asking here as this place must be full of train experts 😁

Thanks so much, hope everyone is having a great weekend!

3D Viewer 4_2_2022 11_21_25 AM.jpg

Blender 4_2_2022 11_19_25 AM.jpg

Blender 4_2_2022 11_20_20 AM.jpg

3D Viewer 4_2_2022 11_20_56 AM.jpg

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