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Britains most bashed bridge!

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Old 9th November 2020, 21:10
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Britains most bashed bridge!

Network Rail have named the bridge carrying the Leicester-Birmingham line over the A5 at Watling Street as having suffered the most bridge strikes (25) in the past year.

The Spa Valley Railway has also suffered a number of bridge strikes this year, particularly on the bridge over the A26 just outside Tunbridge Wells West station and also Broom Lane bridge between High Rocks & Groombridge, which had a horsebox wedged under it earlier in the year.

You would hope that drivers of large vehicles would know the height of their vehicles!


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Old 9th November 2020, 21:26
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Every time the A5 bridge is hit our town (Hinckley) is clogged with diverted traffic! They have lowered the level of the road surface to help but any more would probably cause problems with flooding. At some stage the line will just have to be raised as the A5 hereabouts serves many distribution depots, etc., including rail/road interchange facilities as well as all the other types of HGV traffic.
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