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Dijon Tramway in France

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Old 18th July 2013, 06:36
emilymainzer emilymainzer is offline  
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Post Dijon Tramway in France

This tramway system has two lines T1 & T2 where these two lines are estimated to serve 87,000 people every day. T1 is 8.5km long & T2 is 11.5km long. Here are some updated information and images of this tramway.
Source: http://www.railway-technology.com/pr...dijon-tramway/

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Old 18th July 2013, 09:47
jayar jayar is offline
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Impressive, thank you.
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Old 18th July 2013, 22:16
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Similar to Bordeaux except that Bordeaux also uses power from a hidden third rail
both are beautiful in their own right just prefer Bordeaux over Dijon


The wheelchair Paparazzi

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dijon tamway, france tramway, tramways

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